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Wednesday, 28 May 2014



For the better part of every day, we are communicating to and with others. We must know how important is to communicate effectively  to reach a common understanding with different races and culture.

Here i share with u oll....

a) People regard themselves as special and important
People are selfish.Personal interest and the interest of those close to them comes first.
Kepentingan diri di utamakan
example: gambar siapa yang korang tengok jika ambik group photo?of cozla gambar korang kan...

b) People will uphold their dignity
exp: if u has been shamed, u will try to uphold his views although  u knows it its wrong.Betul tak,,jage air muka sendiri.

c)People need caring
Physical Caring:hand shake, shoulder tapping, touching etc
Phychological Caring: face to fate interaction,giving appreciation

d) People 'remember' thing
its hard to forget 2 things: Bitter incidents and sweet memories.

e) No two persons are alike
Every person has his/her strengths and weakness. people are difference.


H: Hear with your ears and listen with your face
E: Establish eye contact
A: Acknowledge by words such as ' is see" and nodding ask question for     clarification
R:Repeat what he/she has just said to avoid misunderstanding
T:Thanks and appreciating other people's opinion and beliefs

Technique 2: DON'T FORGET TO USE S.A.L.A.M
S:Say out greetings and call name
A:Ask 2 simple ques
L:let out sincere praise
A:Ask 3 simple ques about work/studies
M:Make way(Excuse self) 

 Technique 3:HEY USE SALAM M.E.S.R.A. ALSO!
SALAM MESRA: used to increase the relationship quality with people who you have a good or strong relationship.
M:Make eye contact
E: establish matching facial expression
S:Smile and shake hand
R:Reduce your distance
A:Acknowledge with nodding 

 Technique 4:R.E.S.P.E.C.T

R:Relationship needs to be established first before u are able to influence anyone
E:engage your EQ to get close to people
S:Supply your HEART to win them over
P:persuade them based on established spirit & understanding
E:Excellent influencing skills
C: Coercion and force will not lead you to fruitful outcome
T:Take their point of view for consideration  and impress upon them 

Technique 5: J.A.L.I.N 

J:Joy! set your mind to enjoy talking to people
A:Always remember people are different
L:Let Go! 
I:Intimate relationship helps but remember there is a border
N:Never never look down at other people 


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