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Thursday, 7 March 2013

what can i do

What can i do with my life now im single? 

because you're single. we all have sadness in our lives, but at the end of the day we should always consider that life should be lived every day. We only live ones so we shouldn't give up and feel hopeless no matter what our problem is.

Being happy is not
because of what other people around as can give to us, being happy is from within us. it's up to you how you going to control your life, not the life going to control you. i realized that it's me who can only make me happy.

there are things i can suggest you can do, why not do voluntary jobs so you can meet friends, go and travel, go to the gym, go to local libraries, and im sure the more you go out and show yourself to other people who you truly are will make you happy. i hope that i can give you advice in person but unfortunately this is all i can do for you, i would be really happy to help if u need to talk to someone.. i hope you all feel better. don't ever feel alone, and be happy that you have a life to live in... so smile.. :)



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